Collection: Black Onyx Jewellery

Treat yourself to beautiful, affordable gemstone jewellery. Whether you are looking for statement rings, a delicate necklace or dainty earrings, we have the perfect selection of gemstone jewellery in gold vermeil and sterling silver designs. Our stunning range of gemstone jewellery can be worn for any occasion.

Who should wear black onyx jewellery? Individuals who seek protection, grounding, and empowerment may find black-onyx jewellery beneficial. It can help in times of stress, promote emotional balance, and support personal growth. Black onyx is also considered a traditional stone for those born in the month of December or under the zodiac sign of Leo.

Each stone is organically cut and unique, with no two stones looking the same, making each piece of jewellery very special. 

Buying a gift for a special person in your life is so easy. Our range of gemstone jewellery has been designed to last. All of our jewellery is crafted in sterling silver coated with 18k gold vermeil and set with ethically sourced precious and semi-precious gemstones. Somya London jewellery will make a personal and thoughtful gift that they can treasure for years to come.