Our Story


Somya London is about bringing you beautiful pieces of precious and semi-precious jewellery that are suitable for every day or special occasions.

Somya London was Launched in 2020 by Neeta Bhikha.

My background is in Interior Design, an industry that's very close to my heart. I spent over ten beautiful years working in the world of interiors, being a visually creative person I loved every minute of it. Gemstone jewellery is my other passion. I have been collecting precious and semi-precious stones for as long as I can remember.

I wanted to bring my love for jewellery and gemstones together to create beautiful precious and semi-precious pieces at accessible prices. Jewellery has always been a passion, from adoring my grandmothers' collection of jewels from a young age to playing dress-up with my mothers' jewellery growing up.

The name Somya was formed by joining the first and last half of my grandparents' names, both being one of the main driving forces behind me creating this company. I was intrigued to know if Somya had a meaning. After some searching, I came to know that Somya means beautiful, calm, soft-natured; all the things that my grandparents were. That's when I knew I couldn't name the company anything else, Somya London was born!

All of our jewellery is designed in the UK, sourced and ethically produced by our talented artisans in India. We hope you enjoy our beautiful pieces of jewellery as much as we have loved designing them.