Jewellery Care

As with all fine things in life, dust and pollution can dull your jewellery over time. Always store your jewellery in a fabric-lined jewellery box and take care not to drop, bash or scratch your jewellery. Below we have some care instructions on how to keep your jewellery looking fabulous. 


Silver Jewellery

The beauty of this metal is that it loves to be worn every day, this metal does tarnish over time if not worn, we advised that cleaning your silver pieces with a non-abrasive polish cloth and wash in lukewarm soapy water should bring back its shine.

Gold Vermeil Jewellery

This is simply a coating of high-quality gold plating on sterling silver, to be considered gold vermeil it has to be 1.5 we use 2.5, which is a thicker coat and longer-lasting. Over time the plating will fade; this is not a fault in the product, and items will not be refunded. To help keep your stunning gold vermeil lasting longer please follow our recommendation below.


Our precious and semi-precious gemstone jewellery is made from natural minerals and is highly prized for its natural beauty and durability. No stone is ever the same, which makes each piece of jewellery unique to you. Always remember to remove all jewellery while sunbathing to keep them out of direct sunlight as extreme temperatures and strong UV rays can cause the gemstones to fade in colour and shine. We recommend that you clean your jewellery in lukewarm soapy water and use a non-abrasive polish cloth to help keep its sparkle.

General Jewellery Care Instructions


Your jewellery should be the very last thing that you put on. Avoid spraying perfume directly on all pieces of your jewellery.

Store your jewellery in a cool, dry place your Somya London boxes are perfect for storing your jewellery.  Where possible, do store each piece separately to prevent any tangling or scratching.

We recommend removing your jewellery before stepping into the shower to keep it shiny for longer.

Lotions and creams may contain ingredients that can react with your pieces. Always moisturise first before putting on your jewellery.

Avoid swimming with your jewellery on as seawater and chlorine will react with the metals and cause tarnish.

Remove all your jewellery pieces before going to bed to avoid any accidents that may cause damage to your jewellery.


Every piece of Somya London jewellery bought from our website is covered with a 6-month warranty upon receipt of a valid proof of purchase.
Our products are very delicate therefore, occasionally we do have faulty items. If this happens to you, please get in touch with us at and include your order number, description and images of the faulty product.